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Cost Allocation and Chargeback Software Demonstration

These brief cost allocation software demonstrations illustrate Cube Billing’s ease-of-use across all aspects of the software. Options for maintaining the application includes the ability to manually update fields, copy/paste Excel data, upload Excel information, and full automation. These options can be mixed-and-matched and provide a data lifecycle that mirrors clients’ maturity levels across all aspects of its business.

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Instructional Videos

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Overview of Primary Modules in Cube Billing
  • A brief demonstration of the primary areas within Cube Billing’s cost allocation software application.
Management Tools for Easy Administration
  • This video highlights multiple options to maintain the application over time. Illustrations include interfaces for manually inputting information, copy/past functionality, Excel uploads, and full system automation.

Setting Hierarchies and Dynamic Naming
  • Outlines the capabilities related to adjusting the number of hierarchies and using dynamic naming throughout the cost allocation system.
Showback, Invoice, Chargeback, and Reporting Examples
  • Illustrates Cube Billing’s ability to provide Web-based show-back, invoice, chargeback and dynamic report capabilities.

Client Pools: Allocating Costs that Span Multiple Clients
  • Demonstrates how to assign an allocation percentage across multiple internal or external clients.
Portfolio Pools: Adding Products and Services to Create a Bundled Offering
  • An example that illustrates the ability to create bundled offerings from line-item components.

Automation: A Simple Example using Time Tracking Data
  • Demonstrates a single example where raw data can be automatically imported with system business rules applied that allocates labor costs across multiple clients.
Dynamic User Profiles
  • Illustrates user profiles within Cube Billing and its ability to dynamically change as new clients, delivery organizations, and offerings are introduced over time.

Tagging Transactional Data
  • A brief illustration where each cost allocation transaction has up to six optional fields that can be tagged with pertinent information.

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Cube Billing provides online, e-mail, and phone support to all of our clients. We are committed to educating our users on our cost allocation and chargeback software. Cube aims to provide relevant information to help clients make informed decisions. Business environments will continue to evolve and the insight into cost and profitability will remain a key component to one's success.

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