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On this page, you will find informational videos intended to assist you as you set up, or refine, a cost allocation and chargeback process. In them, you'll find free advice from a leading consultant in the field of cost allocation, chargebacks, and billing systems. Mr. Brent Loewen (Founder and CEO, Cube Billing) offers an essential primer and roadmap for integrating cost allocations and chargebacks into billing systems. The challenges are clearly defined, important considerations laid out, and examples provided, to assist you in gaining more insight about the billing issues you are facing.

Following the topic videos you will find data sheets for Cube Billing's solutions for Internal Cost Allocation and Chargeback and External Billing with Cost Allocation Capabilities. Learn more about what Cube Billing can do for your company!

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Allocating Costs Videos

The Basics
  • Components of a cost allocation system
  • Challenges of a shared service organization
  • Needs of shared service organizations
Components of a Good Cost Allocation System
  • List of Functionality
  • How functionality integrates within business units

Applying Costing Methodologies to the Chargeback Process
  • Example using Activity Based Costing
  • How insight varies with percent allocations
  • The ability to integrate costing methodologies into ERP systems
Primary Components to Process Chargeback Transactions
  • Valid delivery location
  • Transactional data with volumes
  • Valid client locations

Typical Company Chargeback Process
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Traditional product and service companies

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Cost Allocation Data Sheets

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